Background Checks

Your Business Needs Background Checks

Why Your Business Needs Background Checks

  • 33% of all Resumes are fraudulent: a practice that has been increasing at 6% annually.
  • The United States Commerce Department cites that 30% of all business failures are due to employee theft and related forms of dishonesty. Knowing who you're hiring can reduce these losses
  • Checking into your prospective employee can help you make the "right" hire which reduces turnovers and leads to longevity in the workplace
  • The cost of replacing bad hires can be 1-5 times the salary of the open position.
  • Background checks can reduce the likelihood of workplace violence which can cost a company millions
  • Employers can be held liable for negligent hiring practices when a background check is not done.
Why Fidelity Background Checks
  • Same-day account setup
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Custom solutions for any size business
  • Comprehensive screening tools and 24/7 access
  • No software requirements
  • Industry specific solutions
Features and Benefits

Whether you're a start-up company hiring your first employee, or a corporate entity expanding your staff, Fidelity Background Checks can help assure you hire with confidence. We ensure superior client satisfaction by focusing on four key elements: compliance, speed, customization, and simplification.

Protect your Business

Every business wants to hire the right people, but studies show that hiring someone without a proper background check is taking on a risk that most business owners can't afford to take. Each new employee can bring more liability and risk to the company. That's why it's important to reduce the liabilities. Let Fidelity Background checks help protect your business.

Performing appropriate background checks on applicants and potential employees is an effective, intelligent way to discover potential issues that could have an overwhelmingly negative impact on your business. Here are some other facts that help support the idea of background checks:

  • Some government agencies & insurance agencies require them to do business with your company.
  • Background checks help reduce the expense of bad hires.
  • The average negligent hiring lawsuit settlement is almost $1 million.
  • Roughly 30% of all failed businesses are due to employee theft. Screening your hires can help.
  • Background checks improve the quality of the employees you hire.
Cost Effective Hiring with Background Screenings

It's a fact that bad hiring decisions can cost your company big money. A recent survey by CareerBuilder discovered that 41% of the companies they surveyed said a bad hire had cost them at least $25,000. Nearly 25% of businesses surveyed said a bad hire had cost them twice that! But, the costs involved in bad hiring go beyond just cash. Some of the other losses invovled:

  • Lost productivity
  • Time & expense of recruiting & training again
  • Negative impact on employee morale
  • Negative effect on customers

Conducting effective background checks on your prospective employee can literally save your company money. Think of it as an inexpensive insurance policy because hiring the right people ensures your business from a variety of liabilities and puts the right people in your company.

Let the experts at Fidelity Background Checks help you make more informed hiring decisions. Our goal is to help you put the right people in your business.

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