Landlord Tenant Screenings

We Can Help Landlords Too!

Why Property Managers Need Tenant Screenings

The price for not conducting thorough tenant screening can be very significant. Applicants with criminal and sex offender backgrounds are counting on you to only run their credit. Applicants that have been evicted or write bad checks could slip through. A complete background screening is the only thing standing between you, the applicant, and the well-being of your property and other tenants.

Landlord-Tenant Background Checks

  • Criminal Records
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Credit Report
  • Eviction History
  • Employment Verifications
  • Approval Recommendations


We Can Help Landlords Too!

Fidelity Background Checks offers background check services, background screenings, and many other services for all kinds of industries.  We can help businesses, small businesses, large businesses, churches, civic and non-profit organizations, and also landlords and property managers!

  • Income to Rent Ratio 
  • Debt to Income Ratio
  • Delinquent Accounts
  • Charge Offs
  • Collections
  • National Criminal Search 
  • Sex Offender Search  
  • Employment Verifications 
  • References
  • High Risk Fraud    
  • Bankruptcies
  • Civil Judgments
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Credit Score
  • Eviction Report   

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